Lamda Tuition

I provide 1 to 1 LAMDA tuition from primary to secondary school age. Focussing on: Shakespeare, acting, devising and verse and prose.

Why take LAMDA?

LAMDA exams boost a student’s CV from a young age, their exams are supported by OFQUAL and are QCA accredited which attract UCAS points.

  • Improves confidence
  • Gets students thinking beyond themselves, considering other people’s points of view
  • Inspires & empowers learners
  • Improves speaking and listening skills
  • Helps students to read easily, fluently and with good understanding, improving comprehension skills

For students who are not local, we provide private speech and drama tuition over zoom.   We also teach LAMDA in house across a variety of primary schools during the day.   If your school is interested in this, please do get in touch.

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