At Marmalade Drama Company, we believe that drama improves communication skills, unlocks imagination, intelligence, empathy and courage; all of which are important transferable life long skills that  enhance a student’s learning.
We are offering workshops to Schools, Nurseries, Preschools and Play Groups.
Each workshop is tailored to the age group required.
They consist of fun theatre games which focus on teamwork, co-operation and building trust, essential for creating a safe and stimulating environment.
We also  cover a  wide variety of techniques such as storytelling,improvisation, writing, poetry, script work in groups and pairs, vocal and speech techniques, expression and gesture along with much more! These techniques focus on building a child’s confidence in all spheres of social and academic life.
We’d be happy to come and have a chat with you, tell you a little bit more about what we do and find out what would work best for you and the children you care for.  Email us at: or call us on 07816683217.