Your children are in safe hands, all our staff are enhanced DBS checked.

Our Founder

Olivia Tenquist

I have always been incredibly passionate about drama and the impact that it can have on a child’s life. Creativity should be at the heart of every child’s upbringing. Instead of isolating the child, drama provides a stimulating environment by encouraging collaboration and the sharing of ideas. It also evokes sensitivity and empathy towards others.

Throughout my childhood and adolescent years drama provided a safe and fun environment where I could express myself, develop my talent, make life-long friends and escape the stress of school.  I have worked with children of all ages with different drama companies whilst at university. During my experience at these companies, I learned how to stimulate young children’s imaginations by acting out scenes with them from famous children’s books. I noticed how this had a positive impact on them as they became more engaged with the world of the story. It was from this experience that the idea for Marmalade Drama Co was born. I then went on to do drama workshops with both primary and secondary school students, gaining understanding into drama within education. I am currently part of the young company at the storyhouse in chester, doing outreach projects in education with the Samaritans and CAPS. I am also a keen scriptwriter and I am looking forward to turning your child’s fantastic ideas into plays.

I have high aspirations for Marmalade Drama Company and passionately believe in what we do. My priority is to insure that every child loves each class and feels valued.


Hi! My name is Vistie and I’m really passionate about drama, theatre and teaching.

I am currently working towards a degree in Education and Drama & Theatre Studies after gaining A*’s in A-Level Theatre Studies and BTEC Performing Arts.

Outside of my education, I have been in a number of performances, most notably the 2012 Christmas production of ‘Rats’ Tales’ at the Royal Exchange Theatre in Manchester.

I have also attended a drama school since I was 5, and later went on to work with children and young people there, teaching weekly and even taking on my own class, as well as helping students achieve their LAMDA qualifications.

Drama for me as a child was so important for learning how to empathise with others and getting creative; something that is lacking in the current education system. Coming to drama classes meant that I had a safe space where I could be myself and to have fun, whilst always learning and growing as a person.

This summer I worked on a scratch project, developing an original script to be performed in front of an audience; an experience that I have learned a lot from because we had no funding for the project and therefore did it all for free. I look forward to being a part of Marmalade Drama company and helping young people build their confidence and have fun!


I first started acting when I was about 11, when I joined a local drama school. I have been singing since I was 5 and it went hand in hand with that, so I thought I would give it a go. I knew from the first show we did that this was what I wanted to do, I loved being on stage. I was a quiet child and often overlooked for the bigger parts but this didn’t stop me, in fact it made me more determined. I then joined a musical theatre society,this was when my passion for the stage really came to life. I love musical theatre and to this day its still my first love. Its the atmosphere, the buzz you get being on stage, the cast and crew, all of it. There really is nothing in life like it.

I then went on to study Performing Arts at Salford University and graduated in 2012, since then I have been auditioning and performing in a variety of different things, including pantomime, short film, corporate video and concerts, I gained my diploma in musical theatre from London College of Music and trained in acting for TV. I then started teaching singing and drama.

I have now been teaching for 2 years whilst still auditioning and working in the industry and love it, I love passing on my knowledge of the industry to future performers and love seeing them take on my feedback and grow in confidence as well as talent.

I am looking forward to working with Marmalade drama and seeing what the new year brings!


Performing arts played a critical part in who I am as a person. Growing up a very shy child, it was hard for me to express myself.

When I started drama in an after school club it gave me a place to be confident and act silly without being scared of judgement. This then started my passion for acting and now my career.

I trained at the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts where I studied acting, I have also trained with Both feet acting in Manchester and many others. I am experienced in physical theatre, stage combat, singing, Acting for tv and stage and over 7 different styles of dance.

The performing arts is so important for children, it allows them to break away from real life and become someone else by exploring all different emotions, which will improve many different aspects of their lives!